Stimulating the Economy


MoneyBaggJoe said “It’s a bandemic.” What does this even mean? Well, firstly, the word “band” translates to $1,000. Secondly, many middle class Americans have been celebrating the new COVID relief bill by associating the president to young rappers who often flaunt their wealth by taking photos holding up thousands of dollars at a time. The relation between rapper MoneyBaggYo and the nickname MoneyBaggJoe is simple. Joe Biden is the representation of a “band” or $1,400 stimulus check. The new title is merely a play on words as well as an expression of gratitude to funding that is aiding in the relief of millions of Americans during this pandemic. The trend has vastly encaptivated many and, as a result, the goal of the package has been accomplished.

According to Corporate Finance Institute, a stimulus check is “a check sent to taxpaying consumers by a government. Stimulus checks are given to boost the economy by providing consumers with funds to spend… Therefore, the government will provide stimulus checks to keep the consumer outlook strong and to encourage spending.” In other words, the purpose of the $1,400 is to pour into the economy through its consumers, as a way to upkeep the functioning system. The excitement being communicated during these times reveals that consumers are absolutely ready to do their part. However, if I am to insert my own two cents, I would say we should pour into one another. Shop locally, support small businesses, and invest in ourselves. If this pandemic has shown me anything, it is that more than reinforcing the construct of an economy, we should be stimulating the individual members of society.

Eshana France
English Major,

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