National Black Writers Conference: Heard Far and Wide


By Keyshawn Jackson Allison  |  I attended the National Black Writers Conference on April 1st. It was a captivating and informative experience. Cinnamon Barrington and I were tasked with registering attendees, speakers, VIPs, and vendors, and I learned much about attendees and the event in the process. The best parts of the experience for me were with the individuals I greeted, the assistance I provided, and the vendors I browsed. Throughout the day, the main symposium had a number of speakers, including Sheree Renée Thomas, Jewell Parker Rhodes, Tim Fielder, and many more.

One of the things I appreciated about the event in particular was the many vendors who were present. Vendors were selling varied products like body washes, jewelry, and all kinds of souvenirs. The body washes were especially popular among my classmates. The event was very well organized, and it was a relatively swift experience registering people. There were many kinds of different music and the area was very well decorated with information tables for visitors to learn about the event. It was also a pleasure working with Barrington.

Both Barrington and I greeted many of the speakers. A professor from NYU spoke to me and Barrington before leaving. He stated that he did not know Medgar Evers College existed, nor did he know about the many events that are hosted by the college. This event was how he became aware of the college. Then he conveyed to us how much he enjoyed the symposium. I also had the experience of helping with the decorations for the special event in the evening which was dedicated to the VIPs of the conference.

Working the conference and registering attendees for the National Black Writers Conference conveyed just how important the event is for many individuals who traveled from all around the country to experience a symposium that celebrates the talent of Black writers.

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