Invest in Yourself


I’d probably be rich if I had a dollar for every time someone advised me to invest in myself without explaining what exactly I should do. I experience the same phenomenon when I ask a singer how to sing and they plainly reply, “just do it.” Naturally, I am looking for direction and specifics on how to successfully accomplish the specified goal. However, I am oftentimes met with anxiety inflicting cliches that consistently leave residues of contemplation.

How do I invest in myself? What does it even mean? Well, according to Forbes, it means “believing that you’re capable of more than what you’re currently doing for your job or employer.” In other words, investing in yourself requires an inclination to level up. Considering this definition, here are two distinct ways in which we can all invest in ourselves.

  1. Self Care

    Self care is self love. It is caring for yourself in the way that you would care for someone you love. This translates to making sure you are fed, bathed, comfortable, and praised. Positive affirmations and a well-made routine go a long way in the process of personal growth.

  2. Multiple Streams of Income

    It has been reported by the IRS that most millionaires have seven sources of income. Some of them include:

    • Dividend income, earned from stocks.
    • Earned income, from work or spending time to be paid.
    • Profit income, from selling products at a higher cost than you originally pay.
    • Interest income, from savings and other money lending acts.
    • Rental income, from renting out an asset like a house or apartment.

Eshana France, English Major
Medgar Evers College

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