Tales of Our Times (Anthology)

Cover_Tales of Our Time_65050 medgar evers college_2014Tales of Our Times, Elders Writing Workshop

The Tales of Our Times, Elders Writing Workshop: preserving the memoirs of African-Americans whose lives span a major part of the twentieth century and beyond.

The goal of the writing workshop is to document the experiences of elder Black Americans from various parts of the African diaspora whose history is likely to be distorted or lost for lack of original documentation.


This writing workshop, a collaboration between the Center for Black Literature and Siloam Presbyterian Church, is “intended to preserve the memoirs of elder African-Americans whose lives span a major part of the 20th century and beyond.


Elders Writing Workshop

2014 – 2015:
This year’s focus (2014-2015) will be to document the ways in which the civil rights movement affected the lives of the elders. This focus is particularly timely in light of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, the celebration of Freedom Summer and many programs commemorating the Civil Rights Movement. Participant writers will meet bi-weekly for three hours during the year. They will participate in a reading at the National Black Writers Symposium on Voices of Resistance and will conduct a reading for their church. This year will be spent on developing and drafting the content for the third edition of Tales of Our Times.


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This program is sponsored by Poets & Writers and the John Oliver Killens Chair

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